Say What You Mean: The Marketer

Sam has a project. Or rather, the project has Sam. Every year, Sam’s company produces an amazing project that showcases all that’s great with Sam’s company, win’s shed loads of new clients and reminds existing clients why they chose Sam’s firm in the first place.

The problem is, Sam is just Sam. And this project could really use two Sams; probably three. You see, for three months, Sam has to do her regular work while managing a project that used to be given to a whole team.

Sam likes to sleep. Sam likes to see her boyfriend. Sam likes to go home before midnight.

That’s where we come in. Sam calls North Point Partners and learns how we can help her outsource the project, while keeping her in the loop. A project plan is created. Delivery and review dates are set. And then, …. wait for it … Sam goes back to work. To her day job.

The complex project is managed professionally. The copy gets written. The interviews are done. The surveys are taken. The infographics created. The videos edited. And when it’s done, Sam gets to hand a beautiful, compelling project to her boss.

So let’s review. Sam gets the project she needs to impress her bosses, her company gets a professional treatment for their most important marketing collateral of the year, and Sam still gets to see her boyfriend (if she feels like it).

North Point Partners. Say what you mean.

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